Track down hidden water leaks using Infrared (Thermal) imaging. Thermal imaging is Non-destructive testing. While we cannot see through walls, because of the thermal properties of water in your walls we can get a very good image of the location and hopefully the source of the water damage.

Once you have a water leak, the water will continue to travel to the lowest point, as well as travel vertically in a wall. As the water wicks up the wall, all of the components in the wall including studs and wiring will become wet. Finding the scope of the damage is every bit as important as finding the source of the leak. Thermal imaging can help to give a visual roadmap to determining wet areas in your walls, ceilings and floors. We can also find leaks in roofs.

Wet sheetrock or carpeting can be a source of organic growth. This  can be a health hazard and needs to be identified and stopped as quickly as possible. Consult an expert in this field for information on mitigation, removal and disposal  of contaminated areas.

We use FLIR Professional cameras for our imaging. ITC trained and certified with an ITC  Level ll certification. BPI Building Sciences Principles Certificate, City of Portland HES Contractor, Residential General Contractor Licensed and Bonded  CCB#219116

Plumbers - using our services can save your customers time, money and a lot of frustration. A copy of the report will be sent to you (with owners permission) as well as phone consult if needed as part of our service. There is no extra charge to the customer for this additional service. 

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We find hidden leaks, "see the unseen", using space age technology and proper training we are able to help locate water leaks in your home or business. While we cannot see through walls, moisture leaves a recognizable signature for infrared cameras.  Finding the scope of the leak throughout the structure, be it under tile or carpeting, or behind a wall or ceiling, is every bit as important as locating the source of the leak. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your home or business looking for leak areas in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, interior and exterior walls where plumbing may be present. 

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Infrared Residential Energy Efficiency Audit



By Steven D. Smith 

The colors of the leaves in my yard tell me, that fall is upon us and yes winter is close behind. With winter comes high heat bills and possibly a chill in different areas of your home. I have spoken with many homeowners who tell me “ this room or that area always feels cold in the winter.” Now is the time to perform a “Thermal Energy Survey” on your home or perspective home.

What will a Thermal Energy Survey do for you?  The short answer is "WE FIND ENERGY LEAKS. "  We will help you to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. ATS  will provide you with an "independent" documented energy survey. The more information you to have, the better your decisions will be in regard to your home. 

Using a trained Thermographer with an infrared camera. ” you are now able to visualize heat flow in real time throughout your home. You can literally see what has been unseen but suspected in the past. Using Thermal Imaging you can now receive the benefits of a top tier energy survey solution at a reasonable and affordable cost.


The homeowner is encouraged to watch the process and to ask questions. You will receive a detailed report with images, notations, a summary and a follow up consultation to answer any questions  you may have. Thermographic Imaging is non-destructive testing, so no harm will come to your home or furnishings. In most cases you will not have to move anything to image your home.  

Some of the additional areas that we will be looking at while we are conducting your energy survey, Electrical (hot spots in your panel or wall duplex’s), HVAC Leaks (heating and cooling) scanning radiant heat systems is an excellent use of thermal imaging, as is checking thermal window panes for degassing or frame leaks, and looking for hidden water damage throughout the structure.

There are two key elements to look for when selecting a company to conduct your thermal survey. The first key element is the camera operators  training. Thermal imaging cameras are difficult to use correctly and the operator must be properly trained and certified.  Always look for an ITC trained Thermographer. ITC (Infrared Training Center) is The world leader in IR thermography training. ISO-9001 registered and NETA accredited in IR thermography training. 

The second key element  is the Thermographer should be using a professional grade thermal camera, such as the FLIR t4oo series or higher camera, or the equivalent from another manufacturer. The small pocket cameras are good for follow up, but not adequate for a proper thermal survey. 

Once you have identified the source of energy loss in your home, you just need to choose the remedy that best suits your needs. A trip to the local building supply store and you should be able to have your home winterized and ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store for you this winter.  As a homeowner you will always win by choosing conservation as an option.  Truly why not be comfortable in your home this winter! 

 Steven D. Smith is ITC Level ll trained and certified. American Tool Systems Inc. uses FLIR professional series cameras to conduct energy audits and surveys. You may contact us at American Tool Systems Inc. Thermal Imaging Division P.O. BOX 476 TROUTDALE OR 97060, ats@teleport.com  503.810.6025 or 971.223.2040 

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