Commercial Thermal Imaging - ITC Trained & Certified

Locate Leaks

Locate moisture behind walls, siding, and under roofing. While we cannot see through walls moisture may leave a Delta T signature. Identifying  moisture locations prior to destructive testing is key to limiting  costs  on any plumbing repair job. 

Heavy Duty Commercial Motors

Predictive Maintenance and Thermal Imaging go hand in hand. If you do not have a baseline image or have not imaged your equipment in the last year give us a call and we will schedule your company as soon as possible!

Verify Tank Levels

Commercial steel tank thermal image

Tank gauges and maintenance can be tricky, have us scan your tanks and compare levels with your gauges.  Slow delivery from your tanks maybe sludge is the issue. Thermal imaging can answer a lot of different types of questions.  Contact us with any questions you may have.

Control Panels

Control board thermal image

Comparative Thermal Imaging using Radio Metrics is a great way to visualize the health of your control panel. All Thermal Scans include a PDF report. Call us for a quote today!

Insurance Annual Plant Scans

Control board multi spot thermal image

Many insurance companies now require all electrical equipment including all panels to be imaged at least once a year. Call ATS for a quote and to schedule an appointment.

Track Heat Loss

heat stack thermal image

If you have a high heat application running in your plant. Now is the time to schedule a thermal scan. Heat loss will shrink those profit margins. We can help you to visualize your equipment's performance.